Welcome to Jaguar Country! 
TDW Academy was founded in 2009 by a group of experienced educators, dedicated to helping students achieve successful high levels in academics.
TDW Academy blends aspects of one-on-one teaching, traditional & home schooling. Students attend classes on campus four days per week with a start time of 8:30am, concluding the day at 2:00pm. With a select day of distant learning, student's complete lessons at home under the direction of professional teachers via online classroom portals, with parents serving as co-teachers. There is also an option to meet with tutors on campus for additional assistance. We have university-style scheduling. Students register for courses on a semester-by-semester basis and may register for a full schedule of courses. We have open enrollment year-round for students with immediate educational needs.
Our combined grade levels work with a focus on the overall success of the student in mind. Our curriculum covers 9th through 12th grades. We offer fully accredited courses through our various partnerships which we have forged with other educational organizations. Our curriculum is in compliance with all educational governing bodies, for graduation requirements for our students.

Some of our courses we offer:
English Composition & Language Arts
Algebra 1& 2
Advanced Computation Math
Statistics & Analytical Numbers
U. S. History
U. S. Government
Word History
Conceptual Physics
Basic Science
Human Anatomy & Physiology
Core Foreign Languages
ESL (English as Second Language)
STEM & STEAM Courses
Global Citizenship

Entrepreneurial Curriculum: This curriculum is a new approach to innovative ideas in the field of education. What is Entrepreneurial education? It is defined as a collection of formalized teachings that informs, trains, and educates anyone interested in participating in socioeconomic development through a project to promote entrepreneurship awareness, business creation, or small business development. seeking to foster self-esteem and confidence by drawing on the individual’s talents and creativity, while building the relevant skills and values that will assist students in expanding their perspectives on schooling and opportunities beyond. Methodologies are based on the use of personal, behavioral, motivational, attitudinal and career planning activities. As part of this curriculum, we have courses in Personal Branding, Marketing Strategies, and establishing LLC Branding, which are in compliance with Name, Imaging, & Likeness (NIL) laws. Through partnerships with small business owners and nonprofit organizations, we help foster the idea of today's students.

Dual Enrollment: The term dual enrollment refers to students being enrolled—concurrently—in two distinct academic programs or educational institutions. We encourage our students that desire to pursue an early start to their college education. Our staff will help guide the student with the college of choice, to ensure the most adequate academic structure in pursuing college credit. This is a tuition-based program that we offer to prospective students. Contact our staff for further details on pricing per semester.