Welcome to The Dukes-Walnut Park Academy (TDW Academy)
We are a diverse team of Administrators & staff, dedicated to the academic success of our students, offering Advanced Placement, Hybrid & Homeschool Curriculums. We have ACT/SAT prep, & tutoring services available for students.  We are a 501c3 secondary education institute.

Educational Wisdom:
"Independent learning is essential to the modern-day students overall academic achievement."
"No child should be without a quality education."

About The Dukes-Walnut Park Academy (TDW Academy)
Serving as a Private Secondary School committed to reaching and educating learners and experienced in working with educators to help students learn and succeed.
Our objective is to create a rigorous learning environment with a quality academic standard. We desire to assist students in achieving successful goals to compete in an ever-changing global society.

Our Mission:
To foster educational excellence and opportunity for all learners through collaboration with local, state, & international education agencies, that have the single focus of students achieving their academic goals. 

We Believe:
That obstacles to learning can be overcome when students are given an equal & equitable educational opportunity.